Pray for peace in Kenya

This in from a ministry partner in Kenya, which has been swept by violence in the aftermath of a controversial election:

The National Council of Churches of Kenya has declared tomorrow, Sunday, January 6th, a national day of prayer.  We will be going to our church, Parklands Baptist, at 9 in the morning (while most of you are sleeping, as we are eight hours ahead of those of you on the Atlantic Coast).  But Kenya as a whole will be joining in a special prayer time between 6 and 7 Sunday evening – 10:00-11:00 in the morning EST. 

One of our local newspapers, The Daily Nation, carried the following full page advertisement today from the Media Council of Kenya:

– Kenyans Unite –

This Sunday, from 6-7pm, all of Kenya’s major media channels will unite for a one-hour national Broadcast to pray for the salvation of Kenya.  Many religious leaders from all faiths will lead the nation in prayer to help end the suffering and to heal the wounds of hatred that is ripping our country apart.  Special appeals for aid for our unfortunate brothers and sisters who lost their homes and livelihoods will be included in the programme, as will on-going prayers for our political leaders … Add your prayers to those of the millions of Kenyans who will be tuning in to the broadcast and, together, our prayers will help bring Kenya back to the beautiful, united nation we all love. 

Would you, your families and churches please join Kenya in a special time of prayer tomorrow?  To me the very fact that the above appeal is happening is a praise as it shows much wisdom and strength on the part of many. 

Although, Kenya will need relief efforts from the States and other places, we also are praising God for the emphasis in this prayer call for Kenyans to help one another.

In an earlier call to prayer, I wrote:  “Pray that somehow – no not somehow, but miraculously – Pray that miraculously all the tensions will be defused and healing will begin.” I truly believe that change will come only with God’s intervention and men and women truly turning to him and relying upon him at this time. 

Continue praying for peace for those in the problem areas, for those who have lost loved ones and homes, for those separated from family, and for those that are having difficulty finding food and safe shelter.  Pray for wisdom and strength for Christians in Kenyans, nationals and expatriates, who have opportunities to minister to our friends who are hurting.  And do pray for the leaders of Kenya.  Pray that they will make decisions and actions that bring about a permanent end to the ethnic, economic and social problems Kenya is experiencing. 

I cannot end without thanking you for your prayer support.  Assurance of your prayers have already strengthened and encouraged those of us in Kenya more than I can put into words.

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