Why Christians think Mormons aren’t

It’s utterly amazing how clueless about Christianity so many Mainstream Media reporters are. I’ve been listening to weeks – no, months – of reporting about Mitt Romney and how evangelical Christians are leery of Mormon doctrine. Savvy, self-important reporters wonder, “Will that keep them from voting for him?”

I kept waiting for someone to ask, “So exactly why is it that evangelical Christians are leery of Mormon doctrine?” Just hitting a couple of the high points of Mormonism’s weird teachings would make for some great TV. And it would be more than a little amusing to watch the NYT or one of the weekly news magazines trying to make heads or tails of it all.

So my ears perked up when Fox News’ Shepard Smith said one day not long ago that an upcoming segment would explain a bit more about Mormonism.

Talk about disappointed! All they did was a quick rundown of Joseph Smith’s vision, mysterious disappearing golden tablets, a murder, and the relocation to Utah. Nothing remotely interesting. They didn’t even dig into the fascinating back story of the murder in Nauvoo. Made me wonder if “fair and balanced” means “don’t make top-tier GOP candidates look too scary.” Or if Shepard is related to those Smiths.

But at least Fox did something. The other MMs have taken the tack that if evangelical Christians think Mormons are weird, the Mormons must not be too bad. Even Mike Huckabee’s offhand comment about Mormons believing Jesus and Satan are brothers only caused MM reporters to cock their eyebrows in Huckabee’s direction.

Well, the truth is, as they say, stranger than fiction, and Mormon doctrine from the Joseph Smith era is bizarre fiction. Gene Vieth, as usual, has an excellent post prompted by the hoorah over the Huckabee comment.

Veith writes:

Mike Huckabee is getting hammered, ridiculed, and condemned for asking a reporter if Mormons really believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers. But, according to the official Latter-Day Saints website, Mormons DO believe that.

… See, Mormons believe that God has a body (”of flesh and bones“) and sexually engenders us all with his wife, our “Heavenly Mother.” She gives birth to us all as “spirit children,” who pre-exist until we are born into this world. Furthermore, a man who has reached the highest level of salvation (the Celestial Kingdom) and who has that special marriage ceremony in a Temple will, upon death, become the god of his own universe. He and his wife will then populate that universe with spirit children of their own. Our God, therefore, is a perfected human being who got his universe. As a Mormon slogan puts it, “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may be.”

Veith’s post is full of excellent links to official Mormon Web sites. Read the rest of it here.

And 4truth.net has lots of helpful information under their New Religions and Cults topic.


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One Response to Why Christians think Mormons aren’t

  1. elisa8 says:

    The best book I’ve read about Mormonism is Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.

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