10 new books and a movie

I’ve been slack about posting on the interesting review copies I’ve received lately. I was glad to see the items below. I think all of them are excellent contributions.

Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend, by Ravi Zacharias. The noted apologist recruits other sharp minds to equip believers to not just defend the faith but also allow it to transform them into people of compassion.

The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor, by John Stott. After more than 60 years of ministry, John Stott shares his dream for the Body of Christ in today’s world, with a particular focus on worship, evangelism, ministry, fellowship, preaching, giving, and impact.

Loving People, by John Townsend. The best-selling author dispels miconceptions and unhealthy prescriptions about love, explores the nature of authentic love, and explains how to love and be loved.

Chasing Skinny Rabbits, by John Trent. Our favorite marriage and family counselor explains why we are so exhausted emotionally and spiritually – and how to find life, energy, fulfillment, and real rest.

Church Is a Team Sport, by Jim Putman. A three-time All-American collegiate wrestler and pastor of one of the fastest-growing churches in America offers a championship strategy for doing ministry together.

Beyond the Gates, a clean-language version of the acclaimed movie that accurately portrays the events of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. John Hurt plays the Catholic priest who, along with an idealistic young teacher, played by Hugh Dancy, opened the Ecole Technique Officielle as a refuge for Tutsis fleeing Hutu mobs.

The Formation of Christian Doctrine, by Malcom Yarnell. A survey of theological traditions and models that calls for theology to be confessional and unapologetically biblical.

Loving God When You Don’t Love the Church, by Chris Jackson. The executive pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs offers advice about what to do when you have been hurt by a pastor or fellow church members.

Life After Church, by Brian Sanders. The leader of a missional network of microchurches in urban Tampa (tampaunderground.com) calls for disillusioned Christians to not just leave church but to start something new when they do – or to stay and start something new within the congregation. An excellent counterpoint to the self-absorbed, clueless “revolutionaries” who call for rebellion against the Church and wind up leading people away from Jesus as well.

Reasons for Faith: Making a Case for the Christian Faith, edited by Norman Geisler and Chad V. Meister. This volume includes sections on a relevant apologetic for the 21st century, the essentials of faith, postmodernism, open theism, ethical issues, traditional defenses of Christian theism, and world religious movements. A foreword by Lee Strobel and contributions from Mark Mittelberg, Josh McDowell, John Warwick Montgomery, J. P. Moreland, and Francis J. Beckwith, among others.

Faith, Film and Philosophy: Big Ideas on the Big Screen, edited by R. Douglas Geivett and James S. Spiegel. Plato said, “Those who tell stories rule society.” Fourteen philosophical essays reflecting on the power of cinema to shape society. The movies mentioned include Citizen Kane, It’s A Wonderful Life, 2001 – A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, The Truman Show, Big Fish, Pretty Woman, Legends of the Fall, The Bridges of Madison County, Run Lola Run, Mystic River, and Bowling for Columbine.

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