Too enlightened for Christianity

I’m continually struck by people who fancy themselves enlightened by science to a point they no longer give any credence to the “myths” of Christianity – things like belief in a Creator God, miracles, or resurrection – yet these folks turn around and subscribe to secular myths or other religions that require a far greater suspension of reason than anything in the Christian worldview.

Gene Veith has a new post on the subject, springboarding off a curious article in The Telegraph that by observing “dark energy” we may have shortened the lifespan of the universe.

Veith says: “What is most striking in this article is how contemporary science is no longer working with conventional logical categories, how it has become as mystical and as unbounded as any theology.” Scientists who sniff at intelligent design theory as glorified (unscientific) creationism turn around and propound a worldview “with affinities to Hinduism, a new monism of mind and matter,” he says.

It’s worth exploring the links: Destroying the Universe through Scientific Observation.

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