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Spurgeon on predestination and freedom

I’ve just returned from an excellent conference, Building Bridges: Southern Baptists and Calvinism, hosted by LifeWay Christian Resources at their Ridgecrest Conference Center. Southern Baptists have long had mixed feelings about Calvinism. On the one hand, you can’t honor the … Continue reading

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Too enlightened for Christianity

I’m continually struck by people who fancy themselves enlightened by science to a point they no longer give any credence to the “myths” of Christianity – things like belief in a Creator God, miracles, or resurrection – yet these folks turn … Continue reading

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Brush up on your Latin before buying online

I’ve had my share of bad experiences in buying things online, but not lately. I guess I was overdue. I got my “new every two” notice from Verizon Wireless a couple of weeks ago and decided to get a Samsung … Continue reading

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‘Golden Compass’ – Poised for failure

The ads are playing on TV, and if you’re interested in fantasy flicks, you might be tempted to check it out. But we’re hoping moviegoers will stay away in droves when New Line Cinema’s $180-million new movie, “The Golden Compass,” opens … Continue reading

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Veith: DNA as language

Gene Veith has an excellent post today on DNA as evidence of an intelligent designer behind creation: The Washington Post published a fascinating story on the latest findings in DNA research, which finds that genetic replication is far more complex … Continue reading

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Selah’s ‘Timeless’ music

If Selah’s music ministers to you as much as it does to our family, you’ll be thrilled when their new four-disc collection, Timeless, shows up under the Christmas tree. The group is 10 years old, and this set pulls together … Continue reading

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