You haven’t heard beautiful …

You haven’t heard beautiful until you’ve heard Kristyn Getty sing “In Christ Alone.”

As much as I love some of the “praise and worship” music the Lord has blessed us with recently, we have lost something very valuable if we turn our backs completely on hymns, which give us a depth of insight into great truths that a repetitious little chorus can’t begin to approach.

The creative souls who have given us contemporary arrangements of classic hymns make a magnificent contribution to the Kingdom. Keith and Kristyn Getty take it a step further with the new hymns the Lord is giving them. Profound lyrics, beautiful Irish melodies, and a voice that reaches deep into your spirit – just thinking about it leads me into worship!

Visit their site and listen to clips from the entire album. Then buy two – one for your library and one for your worship leader!

In Christ Alone


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One Response to You haven’t heard beautiful …

  1. klampert says:

    they are amazing…and she has a fantastic voice

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