Hold your nose … here comes ‘The Jesus Tomb’!

The Jesus TombOK, are you ready for the “Jesus Tomb” tidal wave? A couple of guys who want to sell you a movie ticket have cooked up an amazing new story about an amazing new discovery — the bones of Jesus, his wife, and their family.

What? You thought Jesus was executed by the Romans and didn’t have a chance to settle down and raise a family? Funny, the Romans thought so too. So did all the people who lived in Jerusalem who saw the dead body on the cross.

But Hollywood never let facts get in the way of making a few bucks, so we are going to be subjected to weeks of breathless reporting by wide-eyed journalists who are excited to think that someone may finally have proved what morons those Christians are.

Don’t get your hopes up. The “new” discovery was actually made in 1980. No serious scholar thinks the bones are those of Jesus. And how could you tell any way? Does anyone have a sample of his DNA handy?

And if he somehow had managed to fool the Romans and everyone in Jerusalem, somehow didn’t die when they ran him through with a spear, somehow managed to roll away a grave stone weighing several tons, somehow managed to sneak past a phalanx of soldiers guarding the tomb, somehow managed to quietly raise a family … he wouldn’t have stayed in Jerusalem where all sorts of Jesus-haters would have been hunting him down!

Sorry. Stupidity is so annoying.

You can read some great articles debunking these fakers here, here, here, and here. Even the Washington Post, that great bastion of skepticism about Christianity, isn’t impressed.


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