The faces of slavery today

From our friend Vincent on

Premila’s parents sold their daughter for $18 on her 18th birthday. The buyer, from hundreds of miles away, said his Indian village had no good women to marry so he had to buy a wife. He took Premila as a concubine, then sold her into 10 grinding years of prostitution in two cities before rescuers returned the shattered woman to her home. … A well-educated, 29-year-old Mexican woman paid an immigrant smuggler to bring her illegally to the United States, where she hoped to find better paying work and send money home to relatives. Instead, when she arrived at the border, smugglers transported her to North Carolina, placed her directly in a brothel, and forced her into prostitution.

Slavery is not a thing of the past. The problem is worse now than ever – and it’s in our own back yards!

The Amazing Grace movie starts tomorrow. Seeing how how one Englishman led the battle to turn public opinion and abolish slavery in that country will inspire you to attack the problem today.

Check theater listings here.

Read more from Vincent here and here.


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One Response to The faces of slavery today

  1. rindy says:

    It is sick to think this is happening in our backyards while we drive our SUV’s living in our luxury homes and get caught up in our own little worlds. Thanks for the eye opening reminders.

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