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Hold your nose … here comes ‘The Jesus Tomb’!

OK, are you ready for the “Jesus Tomb” tidal wave? A couple of guys who want to sell you a movie ticket have cooked up an amazing new story about an amazing new discovery — the bones of Jesus, his … Continue reading

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This is not about ‘losing your salvation’

This page has moved to

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Is Rick Warren lying about his church attendance?

A rumor is circulating that Rick Warren is lying about membership numbers at Saddleback Church. A response has been posted here.

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The faces of slavery today

From our friend Vincent on Premila’s parents sold their daughter for $18 on her 18th birthday. The buyer, from hundreds of miles away, said his Indian village had no good women to marry so he had to buy a … Continue reading

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Interview: John Ortberg

Bestselling author John Ortberg has an excellent new book: God Is Closer Than You Think. The message is one we all need to hear: God’s deep desire – and his promise – is to be with us, everywhere, all the time, … Continue reading

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Election … but not the 2008 variety

Does God choose to save people because they believe in Jesus, or does God choose them so they will believe in Jesus? I have as little patience for ivory-tower discussions about Predestination as I do for endless arguments over the … Continue reading

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Christian bloggers network

These are the Web addresses of bloggers who have joined our new bloggers network. Watch for an announcement about our new site soon! http://www.growthstarts.orgContinue reading

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