Brian Wilson: ‘In my room’

John FischerOur friend John Fischer (that’s him at the left) had the privilege of attending a concert by Brian Wilson … yes, the Beach Boy Brian Wilson. John discovered there is another side to Wilson, “beyond fun songs about surfing, souped-up cars, and girls in bikinis.” His dreamy “In My Room,” for example, far from being “a trivial adolescent song, is actually tied to something much deeper in Wilson’s psyche — a personal inner need for safety and security” related to beatings inflicted by his father when Wilson was a child.

John also points out that Wilson and his brother, Carl, prayed for guidance in the studio, as they prepared to sing what Wilson considers his highest songwriting achievement, “God Only Knows.” John quotes Wilson: “He and I kept praying for the highest love to bring to people. We all [in the band] believe in Jesus and we believe in God and we believe that we were his messengers, so we followed through with our career as his messengers to the world.”

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