Truth and possums

Seems everyone these days is a “moderate.” Red or Blue, if the polls say a politician is in danger of not getting elected, suddenly he’s a moderate: “Maybe if I stay in the middle of the road, I can get into office. Then I can do whatever I want, and they’ll have a devil of a time getting me out.”

But truth, like a possum, is dead if it is found in the middle of the road. And the secret to discerning truth isn’t necessarily choosing either/or. It may be found in affirming both/and.

At least that’s what Phil Johnson has to say in his very insightful commentary on discerning truth posted at Pyromaniacs. Quoting in part:

“The truth is not a midway point where neither [opposing] emphasis is taught at all, but a balanced doctrine where both sides of the truth are fully stressed.
“The balance between Christian liberty and godly living is … like that. Don’t look for a comfortable midway point between legalism and license. There is no safe ‘middle road’ between legalism and license. In fact, legalism and license often go hand in hand and are found together, because they stem from the same wrong view of sanctification. Legalism is often a smoke screen for carnal living.
“But New Testament sanctification properly stresses both liberty and love for Christ; both freedom from the law and freedom from sin; both emancipation from the bondage of our sinful flesh and slavery to righteousness as the only way to enjoy our new life in the Spirit.”

I hope you’ll read the rest of this insightful piece.


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