The secret of a big fish in a small pond

MinistryMarketingCoach.comMy friend Chris Forbes has posted an article on his MinistryMarketingCoach blog that every pastor – and even most lay church leaders – ought to read.

He talks about “one simple secret” that will help a church reach more people. The secret is something of a paradox: “You will reach more people, by reaching fewer people more times.”

Chris observes that many churches work hard to reach people by trying to broaden the number of people they reach, yet find that their marketing efforts simply don’t result in actually reaching more people. He explains that churches need to narrow their focus and reach fewer people more times: “You can’t be a big fish in a big pond, but you can be a big fish in a small pond.”

It really is all about relationships – going deeper with a few people, instead of staying shallow with more. That’s not only good ministry marketing; it’s also good disciplemaking.

Read more here.


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