Cry out for justice!

The worldwide collapse of moral order has brought us to the brink of global anarchy. What can keep mankind from sliding off into the abyss?

What many once considered plainly right and wrong are now seen as matters of social or personal preference. One culture’s values are considered no more or less legitimate than another’s, even within the same society. One’s “good” may be another’s “bad,” and we are told no one must force his values on another.

When morals are reduced to personal or social preferences, taboos change with the wind. Yesterday’s perversion becomes today’s lifestyle choice; today’s immorality will be tomorrow’s cause. And crime is reduced to mere illegality, easily changed by a lawmaker’s vote, without reference to common standards of justice or morality.

What meaning can “justice” and “human rights” have if mankind is nothing more than one animal among many in a world evolved by chance? A congress of animals cannot establish justice. What could a monkey’s vote have to do with right or wrong? Is democracy built on the principle of “one ape, one vote?”

In the absence of moral standards, society devolves into anarchy. Every man does what is right in his own eyes or worse, every man does what he thinks he can get away with. The strong rob the weak of what little they have. Innocent women and children are slaughtered in the name of ancient hatreds. The very young and the very old are terminated for social convenience. A man takes his neighbor’s wife or her husband for himself.

A world awash in anarchy is primed for tyranny. With no standard of justice to create a vision of freedom, a society cannot direct itself. The strong prey upon the weak until the weak cry out for a protector, who himself then preys upon the weak. The tyrant offers the last hope of social order if not a just peace, then at least freedom from unofficial violence.

Now come the final hours of human history. Nation-states dissolve as tribes devour one another. The powerful bleed their victims with no one able to say why they shouldn’t. The smart, wealthy and violent few live in luxury while the masses groan in suffocating poverty. The powerful struggle to control the weapons of oblivion.

Who will step forward to stop the slide into anarchy? Can a nation that denies the very idea of morality lecture another about human rights? Can no one show us justice?

Understand the urgency of this hour. Recognize the critical importance of one truth rising above a riot of truths. Without truth, there is no justice or freedom no reason to protest the savagery of any tyrant. Without a moral anchor, what hope is there for civilized society?

How does anyone know moral truth? Philosophy and science and religion offer no hope. Every system of natural moral philosophy ends in relativism. Science cannot prove a moral fact. Each religion and bizarre cult has its own self-authenticating revelation.

There seems to be no bridge between the worlds of fact and value, no way to know what is right or wrong. Yet if no one can know justice and truth, why follow any moral code? Why obey the law, if you can escape punishment for your behavior? Why not just take what you want and kill anyone who gets in the way?

Only one man’s claims to moral knowledge have been validated in history. Only one man can tell you why you ought to be moral. He does not speak for philosophy or science or religion. The philosophers and scientists and prophets argue endlessly. In the end, they’ll all be eaten by worms. But Jesus Christ spoke with authority and he alone rose from the dead!

In the resurrection of Jesus, eternity explodes into history. Value and fact intersect to make moral knowledge possible. The resurrection a historical event that defies scientific explanation validates Jesus’ teaching. Jesus taught about God and man, and his teaching stands alone among the voices of history. What he said was true. The proof is the empty tomb!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope men and women have of living in harmony with God. But more than that, the teaching of Jesus is the only moral standard grounded in historical truth. No one but Jesus can give us any reason why we should not all turn on each other and fight tooth and claw to the death.

Your good news is the only hope for eternity, but it also is the only hope for today. Apart from your witness, the world will stumble blindly into tyranny or oblivion. No one else can speak with certainty about right and wrong. No one else can give mankind a reason to act like God instead of animals.

Proclaim the gospel with urgency because the hour is late. You have the Word of Truth, a word as critical for today as for tomorrow. Apart from that witness, your family, neighbors and co-workers, your nation and world slide each second closer to the abyss. Only your witness will show them where to find a handhold on the slope, a footing to begin their climb back toward the top.

Tell the truth about right and wrong. When they ask why you are so certain, point to the empty tomb. When they refuse to acknowledge the truth, ask what else they have to offer and ask why you should accept their truth. Only the empty tomb holds any knowledge of truth, any hope for civilized society. Only your light can pierce the darkness of moral decay and political disintegration.

Stand up, raise your voice, cry out for justice and freedom and truth and righteousness! Cry out for your children. Cry out for the widows and orphans, the weak and defenseless, the hungry and homeless. Cry out to the captives in darkness.

You know the truth

the only truth

that can set them free

and keep them free.

Stand up!

Copyright © 2006, Kainos Press All Rights Reserved


About Mark Kelly

Jesus follower, Bible reader, husband/father/son/brother/uncle, rider, hiker, snapshooter
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