Discipleship is about relationship

Discipleship is about relationship. Jesus’ disciples spent all their time each day in the presence of Jesus, watching him advance God’s kingdom, learning from him, and working with him. If we are going to be Jesus’ disciples, we have to learn how to walk through our day in relationship with him — watching for what he is doing, learning from him, and working with him to advance God’s kingdom.

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Discipleship isn’t about witness or doctrine

Discipleship isn’t about learning to witness, getting someone to make a profession of faith, and teaching them to witness.

Discipleship isn’t about learning doctrine and teaching others doctrine.

Discipleship is about deep Kingdom relationships that revolutionize lives and multiply transformation into other lives and into communities.

The core teaching of discipleship is about the Kingdom. Witnessing and fruit-bearing happen naturally as people experience transformation. Doctrine study happens as disciples deepen. But witness training and doctrine study, apart from Kingdom relationships that revolutionize, will never make or multiply true disciples.

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