God didn’t design gravity to stifle your freedom

I keep your law in my heart, so I will not sin against you.

Rebellious children see laws differently than good kids.

The rebels see a legal code that restricts their freedom, while good kids see that laws simply describe how things work. The second group understands that gravity is just a fact; the first resents God for not letting them streak off into the sky like Superman.

Many Christians also are confused about God’s law. Some see it as a tool of Pharisees and an enemy of grace. To others, the law is a five-pound hammer and everyone around them is a 10-penny nail.

If, like others in my culture, I worship (place the highest value on) my freedom as an individual, then I am going to resent the law of God and chafe under its “control.”

If, on the other hand, I recognize that God’s law simply describes how the Creator designed the world to work, then I see that his laws of moral conduct are no different than his law of gravity. Just as life is best lived when a person doesn’t stand in the path of avalanches, so life works best when a person chooses to honor God and love his neighbor.

Psalm 119:11 says “I keep your law in my heart, so I will not sin against you.” (GNT) The songwriter understood that salvation is not about keeping a multitude of rules. He recognized that God’s law does not stifle a person’s freedom. Instead, he saw the wisdom of aligning his values and behavior with God’s original design for creation.

When you stop trying to be the king of your own world and start walking in God’s ways, you discover God has a better life in store for you than the one you have been living.

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When you rob life of true meaning …

Tell the people God is a superstition. Tell them they are merely another animal species arisen by chance from primordial goo. Tell them right and wrong are illusions. Tell them life’s meaning comes from money, sex, and power. Then be surprised when you have to shell out $200m to discourage suicide attempts on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Construction begins on Golden Gate Bridge suicide-prevention net 

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